The Activities

Best things to do while cruising in the Bay of Islands


Countless Beaches

A fun packed day full of activities awaits you! With countless beaches to stop off at the choice is all yours. In the morning we will take our time getting to one of the many beautiful islands in the bay. Which one we choose may depend on the weather, what you want to do, or whatever takes our fancy. Once we arrive, you may decide to lounge on the sandy white shoreline. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you could do one or all of the following.

Roberton Island


One of the many joys of cruising Bay of Islands style is the stunning 144 islands. Almost every island is blessed with a breath-taking lookout offering panoramic views of the Bay of Islands. Walking up to one of them is strongly recommended. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Bay of Islands


Vigilant always carries two one-man sea kayaks, and we’re happy to throw them in the water for you. Most of the islands have great little caves you can paddle over to and check out. Or feel free to just look around the stunning bay we’ll be anchored in!

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You and your friends should definitely jump in and have a look at the underwater wonders of the Bay of Islands. We carry masks, snorkels as well as fins onboard Vigilant, so feel free to ask the crew for the best areas to try and spot some fish.


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Of course, if you’re more interested in simply lounging on the beautiful sandy beach, no one will stop you!

Sailing Bay of Islands


Last but not least, we will definitely be doing some sailing during our trip. We are quite spoiled here in the Bay of Islands when it comes to sailing conditions. Have no fear, the sails will be raised!

sailing bay of islands


The Bay is teeming with wildlife. Make sure to bring your camera in case we spot dolphins, sharks, penguins as well as an array of seabirds.


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Cruising Bay of Islands style involves spending up to two hours on one of the many islands. You’ll have more than enough time to participate in all the activities mentioned. Above all, we want to be sure you have a good day out. Make sure you let us know in advance if there is anything in particular that you’d prefer to do

A great day out