The Crew

Your classic Bay of Islands yacht charter and it’s crew

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Nik & Nat are a young local couple who are very passionate about sailing and about their gorgeous 42ft cutter rig yacht. They feel very privileged to be lucky enough to be running a small business in one of the most beautiful places in the world, New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, and look foward to showing you around. Feel free to get to know them a bit more before you hop onboard!


Nik Minchin

New Zealand born and bred; Nik was lucky enough to spend his childhood exploring the Northland coastline. His favourite methods of marine exploration include sailing, motorboats, scuba diving, free diving and surfing. Being a boat builder, his father inspired in Nik a deep love for classic yachts. After travelling abroad for a number of years, Nik decided it was time to come back home and he bought his dream boat, the gorgeous Vigilant and set up Vigilant Classic Yacht Charter Bay Of Islands.

Nat LeBlanc

Straight from the East Coast of Canada, Nathalie flew to New Zealand and fell in love with its marine life and coastlines. After spending a few years travelling around, she was lucky enough to meet Nik, she fell in love with his boat and the rest is history. Nat has since learned how to sail, scuba dive, surf and much more. She will be on board to make sure your day sailing on the beautiful Vigilant is just as perfect as it should be! She looks forward to meeting you on your Bay of Islands Yacht Charter.

Sailing Bay of Islands

The crew Nik & Nat, looking forward to meeting you, and showing you everything the Bay of Islands has to offer. Don’t be devastated if you only get Nik, or you only get Nat. Some days they sail the boat themselves, but don’t worry they’re both just as fun! They will make sure your Yacht Charter in the Bay Of Islands is a fabulous experience to be remembered.

Your crew is proud to be fully vaccinated.